Welcome to G.D.C. Manikpur

The classes are regulate / accommodate according to teaching plan. There are

not only organise / evaluate internal assessment in twice in a entire session,

but also based it on consequences, weaker students identified. To facility of

remedial classes also facilitate to such type of students. Under the aegis of

“YUVA MAHOTSAV” , various types of competitIon organise in the month of

November likewise Quiz , G.K. ,Solo Song, Rangoli , Poster , slogan , Mehandi ,

Debate etc. for refine inherent talent of students . For the all round

development of students – Great Personality / Holy Man birth anniversary also

celebrate in college premises i.e. Gandhi Jayanti , Sardar Vallabh bhai Jayanti

etc. For the enhancement of overall development of students, in the month of

last January / mid February cultural program “PARIMAL” organise. In the

beginning of session / month of July cleanliness is ensured in entire college

premises committee assure the maintenance of computer through anti – virus and

other essential hardware and software . Sport materials also purchase according

to requirements. There are also facilitate the facility of internet and wi –fi

. To ensure availability of proper connectivity, randomly its examine time to

time by faculty members.